Investment team
Jiangchuan Tian Jiangchuan Tian
Jiangchuan Tian
Managing partner

Founded in 2015, Chuxin capital has completed more than 80 early projects in the field of scientific and technological innovation, including Pingcap, Dipu technology, Leyan technology, Yifei automation, Shimo
document, Shuidi Huzhu, Yingdao RPA, Extreme Vision,Yushu technology, Century Grow, etc.
Chuxin capital has supported a large number of entrepreneurial teams in enterprise software and other fields, and accompanied them to grow into leading enterprises. In terms of post investment management, Tian Jiangchuan promotes diversified post investment services from capital, strategy and customer resources, and provides customized value-added services for projects at different stages, so as to continuously create value for the invested enterprises.
Tian Jiangchuan has rich experience in mid and late stage projects. Before founding Chuxin capital, Tian Jiangchuan worked for UBS and CITIC Capital M & A fund, and participated in many post stage equity investment and M & A projects. As a deputy director of investment bank of Swiss Bank of Hong Kong, she has participated in a number of initial public offerings of Chinese private enterprises in Hong Kong and the United States through red chip or Sina framework, merger and acquisition projects and a number of issues of foreign debts of private enterprises.

She graduated from the Department of economic statistics, University College London, UK.

Yangyang Xu Yangyang Xu
Yangyang Xu

With more than 5 years of equity investment experience, he focuses on the fields of enterprise service application, technological innovation and software going overseas. At Chuxin, he led investment in several famous projects such as Yushu Technology, D5 Render, CoCoPIE、Century Grow, and so on.
Mr. Xu is good at identifying and tracking outstanding potential entrepreneurs for a long time. He leads the ingenious plan at Chuxin and assists the team in long-term interaction with business line executives of medium and large Internet companies and senior industry experts.
Before joining Chuxin Capital, Xu Yangyang worked at Fortune Venture Capital as an analyst, and participated in investment and post-investment projects including Aihuishou, JollyChic , and Shengbang Financial.
Mr. Xu graduated from Zhejiang University with a bachelor’s degree in automation and innovation management.

Zhenzhen Yu Zhenzhen Yu
Zhenzhen Yu

With more than 5 years of experience in equity investment, Ms. Yu focuses on investment in enterprise services, open source software and other fields. At Chuxin, she led investments including HIPA , ShadowBot, Flomesh, SphereEX and other projects.
Ms. Yu has a wealth of overseas study and work experience, a broad international vision and resources, and a keen sense of new things. She is good at finding startup companies in China by researching emerging companies in mature markets. In terms of post-investment services, Ms. Yu is good at catching the trends of the investee company’s industry with acute smell, and empowering the investee company to make timely strategic adjustments and avoid risks.
Before joining Chuxin Capital, Ms. Yu worked at the Silicon Valley headquarters of the cross-border investment incubator Plug and Play, participated in investment in projects such as TranscribeMe, iDevelop City, and formulated cross-border market strategies for the invested projects.
Ms. Yu graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Business Studies.

Mengya Gao Mengya Gao
Mengya Gao
Vice President

Ms. Gao focuses on the fields of enterprise service application layer and intelligent manufacturing. At Chuxin, she led the investment and post-investment management of many projects such as Naixue, Liangzan, Nolibox, and Zhongan Netstar.
Ms. Gao has a solid consulting background, is good at systematically producing high-quality industry research, can quickly make judgments on unfamiliar industries and emerging business models, and has foresight in investment decisions. In terms of post-investment services, Ms. Gao is good at helping investee companies plan their strategic paths and assisting in subsequent financing.
Ms. Gao has interned in top consulting companies Roland Berger, Accenture and other institutions, and participated in many strategic planning projects such as SF Group and Zheneng Group.
Ms. Gao graduated from the Department of Economics of Zhejiang University with a bachelor’s degree and graduated from the Department of Finance of the National University of Singapore with a master’s degree.

Post-Investment team
Cheng Gong Cheng Gong
Cheng Gong
Head of fund operation

Ms. Gong has been engaged in the financial industry for more than ten years and is fully responsible for fund raising, finance and comprehensive post-investment management at the fund operation level. After joining Chuxin Capital, she has improved the quality and efficiency of the fund’s middle and backstage work in an all-round way by benchmarking the management methods of top funds.
Ms. Gong has worked in leading financial institutions in the global industry such as Sequoia Capital, IBM and Deloitte. Her knowledge and ability in finance, auditing and risk control have both depth and breadth. She has worked at Sequoia for nearly five years as a senior financial manager. She is mainly responsible for the financial and post-investment management of Sequoia China’s RMB funds. She has deep professional knowledge and experience in all aspects of fund operation “funding, investment, management and retirement”.
Ms. Gong graduated from the Capital University of Economics and Business majoring in taxation.

Ting Cui Ting Cui
Ting Cui
IR Vice President

Ms. Cui focuses on fund raising work, including content such as investor relations maintenance and investor resource expansion. Ms. Cui has combined experience in professional media and consulting companies in the field of equity investment. After joining Chuxin Capital, she has improved the efficiency and quality of institutional fundraising in an all-round way.
Ms. Cui used to work in China Venture Information, responsible for media brand building, research and consulting with private equity investment institutions and institutional investors, and participated in many projects such as government guidance fund system construction, due diligence consultation, and large-scale central enterprise fund of funds platform construction. Accumulated rich industry resources and cross-industry contacts.
Ms. Cui graduated from the Accounting Department of Northern College of Beijing University of Chemical Technology with a bachelor’s degree and graduated with a master’s degree in finance from Renmin University of China.

Yixuan Kong Yixuan Kong
Yixuan Kong
Brand and Public Relations Director

Ms. Kong is responsible for the initial brand building work, helping the fund complete brand positioning and communication promotion, image management, media resource expansion, and exposure of the invested company’s brand.
Ms. Kong has served as a content author in Yiou and 36Kr. She has hosted many market events such as rankings, roadshows, and summits. She is good at venture capital media PR and content work.
Ms. Kong graduated from Northeast Agricultural University majoring in finance.