Talent Plan

Chuxin collaborates with leading head hunters in the mobile internet industry to create high-quality internet talent pool. We keep track of high-end talents to find investment opportunities and introduce them to our portfolio companies.

IU-Talents focuses on providing talent services for the internet industry. It has a team of over 200 advisors and has expanded its network to 1000+ internet companies by providing excellent service for candidates and companies. When Chuxin is optimistic about the prospect of certain industries and are looking for startup teams to capture an opportunity, they can recommend suitable candidates.

The founders of FoundingAZ both have over 10-years of experience in Alibaba. They provide high-end talent services for the internet industry, and have introduced management-level candidates for Qunar.com and Tujia.com.

EIR Plan

Chuxin has built deep connections with top-tier talents in multiple industries, including AI, robotics and FinTech. They serve as our think tank, helping us discover high-quality target companies and providing our portfolio companies with their expertise and insights.

Libin Shen
Libin Shen
Founder & CEO of Leyan Tech
Shen was the Head of NLP at Mobvoi and has worked for companies such as BBN, Akamai and IBM, etc. During his tenure, he has made great contribution to the fields of machine translation and syntactic analysis. Shen holds a bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University and a doctorate degree from University of Pennsylvania.
Yaxin Liu
Yaxin Liu
Technical Director of Wandoujia
Liu worked at NetEase R&D and joined the Wandoujia in 2011. He was the early core engineer of Wandoujia and was responsible for technology development at Wandoujia. Liu graduated from Peking University with a master's degree in Computer Science.
Sai Zhang
Sai Zhang
Founder & CEO of Robot Phoenix
Sai was the senior engineer and production supervisor of Hong Kong Chen Hsong Group, the world's largest injection molding machine supplier. Sai holds his bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University and masters from Columbia University.
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Legal Consulting
We provide legal services to portfolio companies and help the founding team identify and deal with legal risks and problems. We help ensure that invested companies are in compliance in regard to any management issues so they can continue their development.
Brand & Marketing
We provide media partners and strategic advice for our invested companies to assist them in branding.
Follow-up Financing
We provide invested companies with our own industry resources to assist with follow-up financing.
Resource Support
in the Whole Industry Chain
In indsutries we invest in, we encourage collaboration and interaction among portfolio companies and provide them resource support throughout the value chain.