Sectors of Interest

Founded in April 2015, Chuxin Capital is an early stage equity investment fund that focuses on technology and Internet and actively lays out emerging business forms, focusing on investment in enterprise-level software, technological innovation and other fields. Chuxin Capital is committed to capturing the new pattern of the industry changed by the enabling of science and technology, reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of enterprise services and optimizing the new mode of enterprises, and making investment layout.

Enterprise-level software
Cooperative Office, Data Center, RPA, Service Mesh
Technology upgrade
AI, Robot, Big Data, IaaS, PaaS
Philosophy & Value
Stay true to founding values
Accompany entrepreneurs and grow together with them.
Grow together
We strive to be the first investment institution to invest in and support our entrepreneurs. We grow alongside our entrepreneurs and learn from each other.
Investment as a Service
We make every effort to provide effective post-investment services to enable our entrepreneurs.
Better the Lives of All
We strive to improve the quality of life for all by backing meaningful startups.